About us

A university start-up

nanoCaps was founded Spring 2021 by researchers from the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). The technology base for the company  is the result of more than 15 years of research at USN and is covered by a portfolio of strong patents. nanoCaps has exclusive rights to all IP from this research. We are now commercialization this technology by developing a first portfolio of unique products with record high sheet capacitance, low series resistance and high energy density.

nanoCaps is co-located with University of South-Eastern Norway in the hearth of Norway’s Electronic Coast on Campus Vestfold, Horten.



Research achievements

nanoCaps has developed Supercapacitors based on interconnected crosslinked carbon nanotubes on flexible foil providing World Record specific capacitance of ~2,5 F/cm² and equivalent series resistance less than 100 mOhm/cm².

nanoCaps has developed Supercapacitors based on interconnected crosslinked carbon nanotubes on silicon grass providing specific capacitance of ~1 F/cm²

nanoCaps has designed a microfabrication process to fabricate 3D MEMS supercapacitors for both on-chip and off-chip application.

Partner GMCC

Partner and produce our Supercapacitors and Superbatteries. GMCC is one of the leading producers in the world. GMCC has modern production facilities and all needed certifications.
They their values are Responsibility, Wisdom and Challenge.
GMCC produce more than 20 million Supercapacitors per year.



Our management team

Per Oehlckers

Per Oehlckers

CEO, Co-Founder



  • 40+ years within micro- and nanotechnologies from industry, research organizations and academia
  • Silicon sensors and MEMS technology expert
  • Developed  several world leading MEMS sensors
  • Professor Emeritus at University of South-Eastern Norway
  • 150+ journal, conference papers and book chapters
  • 5 patents,/patent applications
Xuyuan Chen

Xuyuan Chen

CTO, Co-Founder



  • Expertise in semiconductor physics, energy storage materials, and micro/nano-fabrication technology
  • Developed process technology for world leading Aluminum capacitance products
  • Professor of Department of Microsystems at University of South-Eastern Norway
  • 280+ journal, conference papers and book chapters
  • 10+ patents, patent applications
Raghunandan Ummethala

Raghunandan Ummethala

Technical Researcher



  • Materials Scientist with 10+ years hands-on experience in the areas of thermal/plasma-assisted/aerosol CVD of carbon nanostructures for applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Electronics (electron field emitters in x-ray devices, display screens).
  • Experienced in materials characterizations, and electrochemical testing of batteries and supercapacitors
  • 24 Journal and Conference papers
Egill Elvestad

Egill Elvestad

Sales&Marketing Manager



  • 30+ years experience in international sales
  • 6+ years as CEO 
  • 35+ years experience in sales management
  • Bachelor in mechanichal engineering

Our board members

Per-Christian Willoch Fett

Per-Christian Willoch Fett

Board Member and Advisor



  • Master degree in International Shipping from University of Plymouth, UK

  • 20+ years experience within international marine transportation

  • Global Director of Fearnleys LNG department

  • Investor in and start-up experience from several companies & industries within IT, Fish/Marine farming, Hydrogen production, Technology development, Financial services and Mineral & Metal exploration

Dr. Wei Sun

Dr. Wei Sun

Board member and Advisor


  • 20+ years within Supercapacitor from academia and industry
  • Founder and CEO of GMCC electronic technology WUXI CO., LTD
  • Created a global leading position of GMCC in Supercapacitor industry
  • Adjunt professor at Taiyuan University of Technology
  • 18 patents, 50+ patent applications
Henrik Jakobsen

Henrik Jakobsen

Board Member and Advisor



  • 50+ years within micro and nanotechnology from industry and academia
  • Silicon device and MEMS technology expert
  • Developed process technology for several world leading MEMS products
  • Professor Emeritus at University of South-Eastern Norway
  • 70+ journal, conference papers and book chapters
  • 10+ patents, patent applications