Unlimited applications


The number of applications are unlimited

An increasing number of industries are using supercapacitors in their products. As fossil fuel are phased out and green electric systems are taking over, supercapacitors will be used more and more for functions such as AC line filtering in general electronics and smart grids, energy/power back-up in non-stop operation electronic systems, power boost for industrial power hungry applications,  energy storage in energy recovery and harvesting systems, for Internet of things, energy and power source for electrification of mobile vehicles in automotive, maritime transport, and industrial robots.

Our initial focus areas

Electronic systems

  • Surface Mount Supercapacitors for power boosting in hybrid systems with battery as energy storage.
  • Surface Mount Supercapacitor for energy/power source in small electronic systems such as autonomous powered Internet-Of-Things (IOTs) and sensor-networks, replacing electrochemical batteries by using energy harvesting, etc.
  • Surface Mount Supercapacitor for AC line filtering in general electronics
  • Ultrafast supercapacitors of timeconstent <100 ms for electric and electronic applications.
  • Chip Supercapacitors for integration in smart cards together with electromagnetic energy harvester, enabling wireless communication like NFC (Near Field Communication), etc.

Power systems

  • 1 F to 100 F Pouch Cell Supercapacitor for energy storage and electronic systems. Power boosting in hybrid systems with battery as energy storage, etc.
  • High power/high energy supercapacitors from 100 Farad and up. Replacing or in tandem hybrid operation with rechargeable batteries: Electric vehicles, non-interrupted power supplies, temporary storage in electric grid with varying supply, for instance from solar or windmill supply, etc.
  • Superbatteries, or hybrid supercapacitors, having one supercapacitor electrode¬† and one lithium ion electrode giving¬† ~30 000 cycle life with 70% energy compared to Li-ion batteries.