Our supercapacitor technology


Our Supercapacitor Technology

Our Technology is using interconnect crosslinked CNT grown on a micro/nano hybrid scaffold of the current collector enables disruptive high surface-area-to-volume-ratio, fast ion diffusion dynamic process, high electron conductivity, resulting in a record high specific capacitance of 2.5 F/cm2 in a organic electrolyte and <100mOhm/cm2 series resistance at 1kHz. We are now developing a portfolio of leading edge supercapacitors for customers who need world class performance, small size and high quality.

About Supercapacitors

Supercapacitors, also called ultracapacitors are energy storage devices that offers high power density with very fast charging and discharging capability.

Supercapacitors was invented in 1957 and have been on the market for around 50 years. Supercapacitors are now undergoing rapid improvements driven by developments within material science and nanotechnology. Supercapacitors bridges the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries and offer high cycle ability, high reliability at wider operation temperature range.

    • Supercapacitors as power sources have higher power density but less energy density than galvanic batteries and fuel cells.
    • Supercapacitors can be used as maintenance-free and long-lasting rechargeable electric power source and energy source in systems with electric energy harvesting, for instance wireless stand-alone sensor systems and IoT applications.
    • Supercapacitors can be used for quick stop-and-go operations, for instance in electrification of automotive and maritime applications industries.
    • Hybrid solution of Supercapacitor plus batter enables the superior performance for meeting the application demands of both high energy and power density, approved battery lifetime and highly efficient energy regeneration.
    • Supercapacitors can replace galvanic batteries in many applications where power boost is required.

SEM picture of Si-grass, and illustration of the high density of CNTs growth on Si-grass substrate

Illustration and SEM picture of interconnected crosslinked CNT growth on 3D functional template

Illustration and TEM picture of the interconnect crosslinked CNTs